Witch BFF – Premium Monthly Subscription

The most powerful people in the world always have Witches on their teams…

Have you ever wondered why?

We are a combination of BFF, guide, bodyguard, and spiritual bouncer

There’s a reason why every person of influence in the history of mankind has had a witch – or more! – as an essential member of their basecamp. Us witches can provide support and guidance in pretty much any and every area of life. Having a witch on dialspeed means you can count on a kind of support you can’t expect from anyone else.

JUST IMAGINE…no more worrying about sending separate e-mails or making different payments to different practitioners to get your witchy needs met! All of the services of a Left Hand Path witch – specializing on tarot, protection, shadow work, personalized ritual work, and intuitive guidance – all in one neat, convenient, effective, time-saving package! No christian saints or wicca in sight… Just





Crystal sourcing & guidance

I can find the most beautiful and powerful crystals for you, directly from the source in Guanajuato, Mexico. (Charges for the pieces themselves might apply in some cases, but shipping, tracking, cleansing, charging, AND consecrating are included!) I will also track pieces from around the world and help you get them at reasonable prices. I will also instruct you on how to best use them for your intended purpose(s).

Up to 3, 1 hr live tarot readings per month

We only need to agree on a date and time and boom, WITCH BFF indeed.

Shadow Work support

My 1-on-1 Shadow Work program BEFRIEND YOUR DEMONS is included. We can start anytime, and we can even pause it, to finish at a later time (as long as you remain a WITCH BFF subscriber).

Personal amulets, handmade exclusively for you

Maybe you ask for an amulet for a specific need,, or maybe I will tell you that you need it. Either way, elaboration and materials, as well as any consecrating ritual work AND shipping, are all included. Yeah baby!

Sigils, rituals, and spellwork

Just e-mail me, message me, or call me (WITCH BFF subscribers have FULL access to me during business hours, baby!) and let me know what situation(s) or area(s) you need help with and I’ll whip up something for you, and only you!

Unlimited Dream Interpretations

Whatever you dream of, feel free to share with me and I’ll provide an in-depth interpretation to help you make sense of the messages your subconscious is sending you.


Witch BFF Premium subscription

All-inclusive monthly support – Tarot readings – Personalized rituals, sigils, and spellwork – Shadow Work – Crystal sourcing – Dream Interpretation