Online Class Series – The Wild Side of Tarot

A Walk Through the Major Arcana of the RWS Deck from a Left Hand Path perspective

Think you already know the Rider-Waite-Smith deck and all the meanings each one of the Major Arcana carries within? Well, think again: it turns out, reversals are not the only sources of additional information these ancient symbols contain. In this 22-week class series, we’ll discuss the many messages we can retrieve from each one of these cards when we dare take them out for a walk on the wild side, i.e. analyze them from a Left Hand Path lens.

In each class we will cover the basic meanings and most popular interpretations of each card of the Major Arcana, and then we will unravel the other perspectives that can only be discovered and grasped when we open ourselves to the possibilities of more than one narrative, more than one set of “morals”, more than just black vs white, good vs evil takes. Reversals are also covered, of course, and you might just change your mind about when to include them in your readings even if you usually don’t.

This class series is great for total newbies to Tarot, as well as for beginners. More seasoned readers who want to refresh and expand their semiotic perspective regarding how they read and interpret Tarot are also most welcome to join.

Bere aka SerpensRubrum is a Left Hand Path witch who has been reading Tarot for over a decade. She has teaching credentials under her belt, although this is her first ever Tarot class. She would love it if you joined her in what promises to be a delicious experience!

FIRST SERIES begins September 4, 2021

Online class series through Google (Meet & Classroom).

Each class will last 1 hour, and then final 30 minutes will be for discussion led by the facilitator aka yours truly.

Classes will take place Saturdays, 3-4:30 PM (CST) for a total of 22 consecutive Saturdays.

Sept 4CLASS #1 – The FoolNov 20CLASS #12 – Justice
Sept 11CLASS #2 – The MagicianNov 27CLASS #13 – The Hanged
Sept 18CLASS #3 – High PriestessDec 4CLASS #14 – Death
Sept 25CLASS #4 – The EmpressDec 11CLASS #15 – Temperance
Oct 2CLASS #5 – The EmperorDec 18CLASS #16 – The Devil
Oct 9CLASS #6 – The HierophantDec 25CLASS #17 – The Tower
Oct 16CLASS #7 – The LoversJan 1 2022CLASS #18 – The Star
Oct 23CLASS #8 – The ChariotJan 8 CLASS #19 – The Moon
Oct 30CLASS #9 – StrengthJan 15CLASS #20 – The Sun
Nov 6CLASS #10 – The HermitJan 22CLASS #21 – Judgment
Nov 13CLASS #11 – WheelJan 29CLASS #22 – The World
Pay-as-you go
13 USD
  • per class
  • Depending on spaces available. Includes replay.
All-class Pass
250 USD
  • Includes all 22 sessions + replays. You save 36 USD and guarantee your seat throughout. Best value offer!