Angels of Love and Light

Alright kids: storytime. We'll say her name was B. Profession: psychologist. She was my boss for 5+ years, and she was the founder and director of the holistic center where I worked. I came to know her extremely well, perhaps even better than she knew herself, during those years. It was the only time I... Continue Reading →

There Are No Shortcuts

Given the fast pace of life these days we have also grown impatient: we think we don't have years to wait for therapy to 'solve our problems' - we want healing NOW, and fast, and total. But at what cost?  Remember that there are no shortcuts in life, much less in spirituality. 

Your Own Personal Satan

We've all experienced those moments. During a business meeting, someone - perhaps even your boss, or your client - says something disrespectful or downright vile. You feel the tip of your tongue starts to burn and your whole face becomes hot. Words struggle to make their way through your lips, but what will happen if... Continue Reading →

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