$3XY ’21 – A guide for Sex, Lust, and Money for the Venus signs

S3XY 2021This guide is directed to those who feel they deserve resources and guidance to access or get re-acquainted with their inner pleasure selves, after a most challenging year. It is NOT selfish or shallow to want to have a more prosperous and abundant life, with more success and income. You are allowed and encouraged to seek your pleasure and to satisfy your material needs in fun, fulfilling ways, now more than ever!

I created this guide for all of us who need more enjoyment, more material comfort, and to feel more powerful and at ease in our bodies. The ways of the flesh and the world are not evil: they are tools that, when used well from a place of honesty and responsibility, can serve us to achieve peace of mind and spiritual bliss. HAIL SATAN!

This e-guide in PDF format contains:

  • Monthly Tarotscopes (Thoth deck) for your Venus sign, addressing the areas of pleasure, lust, sex, luxury, and how to attract/make money. 
  • Recommendations for the 4 elements to be applied according to your sun sign: best demon(s) to work with, money spells, pleasure/sex/lust spells, and e-collages for visualization of abundance and pleasure.

This guide is NOT: a planner, an agenda, or a ceremonial/ritual guide. I’m also NOT an anstrologer: I use astrology as an inspiration and as a way to ‘classify’ and organize my advice and tarotscopes, in a very similar way to what many tarot readers and psychics currently do. 

Early bird price: 9.99 USD(*) (**) 

TO PLACE YOUR ORDER PLEASE SEND 9.99 USD via PayPal to serpensrubrum@gmail.com and specify your Venus sign in the comments. (If you don’t know your Venus sign, visit this link and enter your birth data.)

* This price is valid until November 30th, 2020 at 23:59 PM (CST)
** The guide will be sent via e-mail to your inbox in PDF on JANUARY 1, 2021

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