Cooking with Shirley Jackson

By Valerie Stivers. Published on The Paris Review, October 31st 2019.

A Satanist witch from Mexico with whom I correspond on Twitter (I’m intrigued by her insights but nervous when she tweets things like #TakeMeDarkLord) wrote not long ago that all cooks are witches, though she didn’t mention the obverse: Can all witches cook? If the writer Shirley Jackson (1916–1965), a self-styled witch as well as one of the greats of twentieth-century literature, is anything to go by, the answer is yes, and the rule becomes interesting: domestic goddesshood is not quite what we expect from a horror writer, as Jackson was often (mis)labeled. Read full article.

Tarot and the Left Hand Path with Bere Parra

Episode 153. What is the Left Hand Path? How might a practitioner of this path approach tarot? I was curious. So I reached out to Bere Parra, a Mexican theistic satanic witch to learn more. Bere talks about common misconceptions about the left hand path, the Devil card, and more. This enlightening conversation sheds new light on a practice that is often viewed as “negative” or “scary.” I have a better understanding of readers who follow this path. If you’re wondering how a satanist might approach tarot, listen in.

Click on the image to listen!



Practical magick: Women from around the world talk witchcraft

By Gabriela Herstik. Published on VOGUE, October 2019. 

It’s always the season of the witch and everyone’s welcome… Vogue speaks to witches based in Mexico, Japan and Arizona about the nuances of their craft and how magick can work for you. Read full article. 

nimue, the deity, came to me in a dream

Published on Luna Luna Magazine, September 17, 2019

It might be surprising given the fact that I am a witch but let me begin with a confession: I am not a spiritual person. Not in the traditional way, at least. My brain is a perpetual motion machine. The closest thing I can do to meditating is journaling. Elaborate ceremonial rituals? I get so caught up in the details that it’s impossible for me to settle down and focus on the intentions. My conversations with Satan take the shape of inner dialogs and monologs, and I address him as a close relative or friend, and only rarely with the solemnity described in countless volumes of dark ceremonial literature. Standing still is a nearly impossible feat. And so on. Read full article. 

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