One of the most valuable and useful lessons we can learn is to stop seeing our unconscious as this scary place where unknown monsters are waiting to devour us. The only reason we’re so disconnected from our unconscious in the first place is because humans have been trained to see themselves as fragmented beings whose bodies have no connection with their thoughts or with the information stored in the unconscious.

How do we repair the broken connections within ourselves? How can we access the treasure of information that’s stored in our unconscious? This is a lifelong task and most of us will not complete it over the course of our physical existence. But one of the things we can do to start making sense of what’s going on within us and around us is to pay attention to the messages our unconscious is sending us through our dreams. One of the ways we can do this is by interpreting our dreams, or having them interpreted by others. Some therapists are excellent doing this type of work.

But what if you’ve already discussed your dream(s= with your therapist and you’re still curious? Or, what if you have a pressing need to know what an odd dream means, but you also don’t consider it important enough to devote a therapy session to it? What if you just want an additional perspective from a witchy/occult perspective?

This is where I come in.

As a Left Hand Path witch, shadow work is one of my areas of study. The unconscious and the shadow are two concepts and areas that are inextricably linked to one another: not even neurologists have explored our brains and the mind to the utmost depth, or fully figured out how memories, dreams, ideas, and other human mental phenomena, function. I’m very keen to continue exploring the symbolism, meanings, practical applications, and messages that are manifested through our dreams. And if in doing so I can be of service, I’m fully on board.