IMG_5082Nice to meet you. My name is Bere but I go by SerpensRubrum most everywhere online. I serve Clients from all trades and backgrounds, but my chief goal at the moment is to Help Artists and Creators Thrive

My path has not been devoted to witchcraft and magick full time, but it has prepared me for it with various skills I now use to offer the best possible service and guidance to my Clients: I have been a teacher, a translator, an assistant, a holistic center manager, a writer, and more. In my view, it is not possible to help others live in the world if one has not BEEN in the world.

I’m Mexican and I live in Mexico. As is often the case with witches, I was always one but only became aware of that fact in my mid-thirties. Why do I say that I was always a witch? That requires a long answer, but I will sum it up as follows:

  • I’ve been an ‘old soul’ since I can remember.
  • I’ve always been an outsider, in many cases because I choose to be one rather than conform to what the majority find acceptable.
  • There have been witches in my family for at least 3 generations before me.
  • People have always come to me for advice; even people who are older or who would be assumed to have more life experience.
  • I see what others don’t, even into the future or back to the past.


Every witch either follows a tradition of their choosing, or is born within one. No witch is the same as the next one, even if they follow the same tradition or principles. There is currently a witchcraft and magick media ‘boom’ which tends to favour only the so-called ‘white’, ‘good’, ‘light’ approach. I’m not going to point fingers and start blaming anyone for this askewed vision of witchcraft and magick; suffice to say this is: a) not realistic, b) racist, and c) limiting.

As a Satanist (not affiliated to CoS, TST or any other organised religious groups), the obvious choice for me was the Left-Hand Path – one that has been much maligned and disqualified, vilified and defamed, not only by xistians but also, unfortunately, by some witchcraft traditions. Yet this is my path, one I walk proudly and confidently, because I have never identified more with anything else in my life; and because walking the left hand path means complete freedom and autonomy, a power to be acquired and excercised with might, but also with responsibility and intelligence.

As far as Satanism goes, the very concept actively encourages individuality and a critical stance: therefore, there are as many vertients of Satanism as there are Satanists. My personal brand of Magick & Witchcraft incorporates principles from LaVeyan Satanism, Luciferianism, and some Wiccan traditions. This is what I believe and what has worked for me. In my practice, I take a theistic approach to Lucifer – Satan but I am keen on many aspects of LaVeyan Satanism, as well as Luciferianism. I also often work with the powers of the Moon and with the aid of Lilith, depending on the matter at hand. I consider myself a student of Crowley’s work – not a thelemite but extremely open and into his ideas and explorations, which in my view cemented the foundations of magick as we know it (or don’t know it – there is A LOT of misinformation out there) today.

Satan is the name with which xistians more frequently refer to Lucifer, the ultimate angel who was expelled from heaven for daring to question and disagree with “God”. For me, Lucifer is the is the speaker of truth, the bringer of light, he fears no shadow for he knows that every beautiful thing or being contains as much darkness as it does light. Lucifer also is a christian personification of the morning star, the light of Venus. He is beauty and sensuality and self-love and also the material world and the ‘earthly’ delights. He brings pleasure and realization. I too refer to Lucifer as ‘Satan’ and refer to myself as a Satanist because “Satan” means “the enemy, the opponent, the outsider”. Thus I use a name meant to disqualify or vilify, and each time I use it I give it domain and relevance above the structures of christianity/catholicism that have always strived to undermine humans and deprive them of the light of knowledge and of their freedom of thought and action.

The Lucifer – Satan I worship is a rebel who doesn’t concern himself for spooking children or gathering souls of ‘sinners’. Satan – Lucifer is a force that exists within all of us, within nature, which mostly withers and dies because we yield to the pressure of societal norms. We Satanists frequently convey Satan/Lucifer as a Devil because we actively seek to provoke the fear of the meek and weak, of the perverted and prude, and we serve from it as a banner for our beliefs. As I implied earlier, each Satanist probably has a different definition and creed, for none of us are sheep and therefore we don’t adhere to a single interpretation or philosophy or doctrine. Many of us are anarchists in one or more ways. So indeed, my Satan is not the Satan of xtians.





  • I am respectful of other witches and their practices, and I make it a point not to criticise the practices of other witches.  Having said this, I never have and never will support witches (or any other person) who commit any kind of physical or sexual abuse.
  • Cliques and popularity contests have no place in witchcraft.
  • I am always honest: if I don’t want to work with you I will say so and, if necessary, I will explain my reasons.
  • I never make promises I don’t intend to keep, and I never accept work I don’t intend to complete.
  • My Clients’ privacy is sacred; honoring their trust is one of the foundations of my practice.
  • Therefore, I never accept commitments that might jeopardize the privacy of any of my Clients, or that present an ethical conflict. I will be open about this with my Clients.
  • I adhere to The Satanic Principles and to the The Adversarial Doctrine penned by Michael W. Ford.
  • I am a feminist but I do my best not to hate ‘all men’. You guys make it very difficult sometimes, though.
  • I do not adhere to/condone/approve of any type of racism, TERFism, xenophobia, sexism, nazism, alt-right organizations, or discrimination of any kind.
  • My online platforms are safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. 

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