Making space for new dreams

Hello, it’s been a long time and, by Satan, how have things changed…

If you follow me on Instagram you may have caught yesterday’s #MessageFromSatan on my stories, which dealt with letting go of dreams whose ‘expiration date’ has come and gone, so we can make space for new ones.

I have reached that point in my public witchcraft practice.

For several years I only practiced witchcraft and consulted the tarot for myself. All the while, I dreamed of being able to publicly live my dream of being a working witch and living off my practice. Since launching this website/blog, I’ve had a few witchcraft and/or tarot clients, some of which were already my friends; others whom I met through social media or thanks to referrals from other clients. I am hugely grateful to each and every one of them, and I have learned so much about many things thanks to my practice.

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

One of such lessons has been that not all of us who practice withcraft are supposed to make a living off it. I know this goes against the aspirational image of the witch that’s currently being pushed so hard by media and on social networks, but that doesn’t make it any less truthful. It’s also not as bittersweet as I first believed it to be. Hey – I’m a Left Hand Path witch, after all!

My magic is more powerful when practiced privately. Being a private – which is not a synonym of ‘secret’, by the way – witch acts as a filter that keeps people who seek to attain only shallow things through me. (Yes: it happened to me, and more than once.)

Private practice allows only those who are really meant to work with me to approach me, so that we can get to know one another to a degree that allows a witch – client collaboration to develop in an organic way. Satan operates in the shadow and, as a witch whose practice follows his lead, I must conduct myself in the same way. In the end, not all those who claim to seek the light are meant to find it.

Therefore I have decided that the only services I’ll continue offering to the general public, at least for the time being, are my tarot readings. This is what I feel is right for me at this time.

Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

My current focus, however, will not be far apart from my initial one. During these past months of limited socialization and pandemic confinement, I’ve been doing a great amount of shadow work. If you follow this blog I’m sure you can relate: there have been low points of frustration, anxiety, and uncertainty. We keep looking for something to drive us out of inaction, to propel us to heights that soar above this abyss of limitations that we have been plunged into: desire, purpose, goals, meanings…As a mere human I cannot be certain of what the future holds for me or for us all, but what I feel in the very core of my soul is that it is time for me to become a scholar of the occult, particularly of Left Hand Path wisdom.

Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

I want to acquire more knowledge and share it with any who might need it. That wisdom will carry me and, I hope, will also carry those who find insights in my discoveries.


Of course, my social media presence will continue more or less as it’s been. I plan to limit my Twitter presence somewhat, although I’m not sure when that will happen or exactly what shape it will take. Recently I have re-disciplined my Instagram habits and I think it’s going in the right direction. If you’re on either platform and haven’t followed me yet, I encourage you to do it.

SerpensRubrum Patreon

Except for some posts that I consider should be freely accessible for everyone, I will move most of my writing to my existing Patreon. I launched it in September 2019, almost a year ago, offering a variety of perks and 3 membership tiers (which are now 2). Right now I’ve made it so that any person who joins either tier or makes any monthly pledge gets access to all the benefits I offer there, namely:

  • Monthly e-collage
  • Spell of the month
  • Devil on Your Shoulder i.e. monthly message from Satan
  • Weekly Daemon Tarot card

I’ll be adding more perks and will also posting short essays, etc. You can pledge as little as 1 USD per month and get access to the whole shebang. This income would support my occult studies and some future academic endeavors. If your economy allows, I would be honored if you became my patron. So far it’s still a very small, select community, but I feel so grateful for the acknowledgment and support I receive there.

There’s a few more projects I’m working on but I will announce them when their time comes. For now, thank you for reading this far, thank you for following my site and blog, and I hope I’ll continue seeing you either here, or on Patreon, or on my social media, or everywhere online.

Love and Power – HAIL SATAN!

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