On Curses

“Lucifer, the Light Carrier”, by PJ Lynch

Within the past couple of months I have been contacted by several people, all of whom had questions about curses. Anytime a topic comes up constantly I know that Satan is ‘nudging’ me to write about it, so here I am. May this messages reach those whom they’re destined to.

“I think I/someone dear to me might be cursed, how can I tell?”

First of all I wish to clarify that curses are real. People thing thoughts and focus their energy in a way that even if they are not witches, they can curse others. Every ill wish is a curse in itself, if channeled long enough and with sufficient energy. Then, there are those who actually know how to curse. And finally, there are many people who seek the help of witches in order to perform various spells or curses on others who a)wronged them, or b)are standing in their way.

Now, sometimes our minds are so full of external noise that it’s difficult to pinpoint if we really are experiencing the effects of a curse casted by someone external; or if the bad juju that is enveloping us is, in fact, of our own creation. So, how can we tell them apart?

Meditation, solitude, self-analysis, reverse journaling, and research are the most effective tools.

80122b78b9a822b14e697a6f51629899Meditate every day and/or night for as long as you’re able to, in solitude. Light a candle (black, if possible) and light up palo santo or other type of protection incense. Focus on the flame of the candle, in silence, while you seek the answers within you. Ask Lucifer to illuminate your sight. Have pen and paper (you can use your journal) nearby and make sure that your space is well ventilated. When you are done meditating, write down any ideas or images or name that might have come to you during your meditation. This is where self-analysis comes in, and you can by all means discuss with your therapist or with a friend or a witch whom you fully trust. Which emotions do these residual images and ideas provoke? Do you feel menaced or afraid? Or, do you just feel sadness and a form of uncertainty? Now, do some reverse journaling: reminisce about past events in your life or that of your family. Did you always feel like this? Recall your own actions and those of the people around you and see if you can track down the sources of the feelings you’re currently experiencing? Did anything 1unusual happen to you recently, without any explanation? (I’m referring to things happening ‘to’ you; not any acts in which you were the main action agent or actively participated in.) Don’t omit anything. Finally, if there are lagoons in your family history, it is a good idea to speak to older relatives and extended family and perform a bit of ‘detective’ work, i.e. research. The mere act of putting together a family tree is sometimes enlightening and can expose many energetical knots or misshaps in your ancesters’ stories; which can sometimes be carried on throughout generations, unbenownst to the current family members. If your budget allows, use services such as ancestry.com to track down all the missing branches of your family tree.

(NOTE: If you are under any type of medication for any mental health issue, it is essential that you don’t skip therapy sessions or that you don’t increase or decrease your doses unless your doctor recommends it. Hydrate and feed yourself properly, and remember to love yourself extra. Oh – this probably goes without saying, but don’t mix any psychotropic substances with your medication. No ethical witch will suggest you to ‘travel’ with ayahuasca, peyote, or any other sacred plants if you suspect you’re cursed; aside from unnecessary, it is extremely unsafe.)

After all this inner work, you will be able to determine in an objective way if you are indeed under the effects of a curse.

“If I am cursed does this mean I cannot cast spells?”

Not necessarily: every curse is personalized and its effects vary widely. However, if you are under the cloud of a curse, you are probably not in the right ‘place’ to cast spells anyway. Anxiety and fear obstruct magick and weaken faith. Heal yourself first. Focus your power on breaking free.


“Do you lift curses?”

It depends. I have to have a clear picture of your situation and I have to know all the information (so: you have to do some work first). And then, of course, there is also the issue of the pertinence of the curse. If you did something bad to someone (which I will know, even if you don’t admit to it) and they cursed you, I will certainly not be there to help you. There are other scenarios in which the person who is cursed didn’t do or say anything to deserve it, but perhaps their parents or grandparents or even other ancestors further back did something VERY wrong. In that case the course of action would involve spirit work, as well as petitioning for forgiveness in a special way, and making ammends on behalf of the ancestors. In many cases, curse removing requires physical proximity. So if every box is ticked in a favorable way so that you’re ‘candidate’ for curse removal, chances are that I could either refer you to a practitioner who is geographically closer to you; or that (if both of us feel called to do this) you would have to come to me or I would have to come to you. However there might be cases in which the petitioner is just told how to proceed and they can do it themselves…But like I say, every case is different. Causes have such varied roots and such different manifestations that I find it impossible to offer a ‘one price covers all’ service. When it’s right, it feels right, and you feel the impulse to come in the person’s aid (sometimes even without assigning a material fee). Every curse can only be lifted by the ‘adecquate’ person(s). Sometimes the cursed persons can lift the curse themselves, and many other times it is necessary to seek support.

In any case, it is ESSENTIAL that you do your research and put it out there through visualisation or meditation, through written or spoken word, to people in whom you deposit your trust and whose opinions you respect, to steer you in the direction that is best to find the witch or wizard or healer who can assist you in curse removal. Be cautious and smart about who you select for this sacred, crucial task; and listen to your intuition. No ethical witch will brag about being able to ‘lift any curse’ or to ‘guarantee results’ or give a fee even before knowing all the details of your situation.

May Lucifer’s light illuminate your path back to peace. Hail Satan!

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