A Satanic Plan to Unfuck Your Life

There is a good reason why I haven’t posted content on this blog for several weeks.

During the last month of 2018 I offered my Twitter followers an opportunity to end the bullshit in their lives through the Satanic path and thus prepare for the best version of 2019 possible. This service had no cost or fee attached to it, but anyone could tip me if they felt like it. Almost 40 people signed up for the challenge.

Artist: Heylenne

For thirty one days I assigned a daily task or exercise to the participants via e-mail every morning at 6:30am (Mexico City time). The first day the vast majority of the subscribers opened the e-mail. Unsurprisingly, the general enthusiasm decreased noticeably as we went along. It’s a good thing I was not focused on the opening rates and other similar statistics. This reaffirmed in me the uncomfortable knowledge that most of us have issues with follow-up. Most times, when we claim to be disappointed in life, what we’re actually saying is that we’re disappointed in ourselves. Sometimes people are so used to excuses that they stop seeing them as such, in a way that transforms optional obstacles into unsurmountable mountains.

I also discovered something else: the preconceived notions and cliches about what Satanism is supposed to be about or to look like are the ones that drive most people’s interest in it. Most people are drawn to Satanism entirely based on its aesthetics, which is valid as a starting point, but when we remain on the surface and become enamoured with the idea of Satanism as a fixed and one-sided approach to life (black masses! bloody sacrifices! daemon invocation! wearing all black!) it is unlikely we will ever reach its true depths. So, we are discouraged when Satanism doesn’t fit the bill of our preconceived ideas and we move on to the next flashy thing that’s available on the menu.

While some of the tasks assigned were ritualisting and/or theatrical in appearance, or had elements of those blended into them, the majority of the actions prescribed are seemingly insignificant, mundane, and deceivingly simple. Anyone expecting daily circle casting or daemon invocation will be disappointed. Big things have small beginnings – such a true, succinct, and beautiful statement. Satan has taught me that there can be no access to greater power if your basement is full of useless, dusty trinkets. Some are willing to do this work, while some are not. 

If you committed to the program but fell through somewhere along the way, this is a new opportunity. As usual, you decide. 

0b8c223e2102f4370df4f3f7e94cc95dFor those of you who may or may not be reading this post who not only committed to the program, but actually carried it through to the best of your capacities: YOU FUCKING ROCK and I am certain that 2019 will be one of your best years yet. Why? Because you will make sure it is so, and Satan will continue guiding you through that path of power.

The program I created and offered throughout January 2019 is now available to anyone who wishes to follow it. In the most authentic Satanic spirit remember each of us decides how to live our lives and how to face the challenges each day brings. This is my attempt to bring more power to you, and to help you realize that you are divinity itself and you deserve to be worshipped and to live your life like a true deity.

Hail Satan, Hail You!


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